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​Here, we can make
something special
with talented companions.

We work together, do professionalism, and execute actively for startups. We make startups as an innovative company that can change human lives with company building process. We truly collaborate with startups as the co-founder for making vision to be a real.


What We Do

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HR Philosophy


Companoid Labs' Human Resource (HR) system is designed to keep your role as a company builder and UX expertise at a world-class level. Companoiers, who refer to the crew of Companoid Labs, are basically talented people who can work with challenges and growth as key keywords rather than stability in their work.





User experience is the most important factor that can change the lives of people around the world.


User experience-oriented leadership and decision-making can make a good company.


User experience determines the success or failure of individuals, products, and even companies.

Your Seat and Support

Companoid Labs crews are working hard so that they can perform under a comfortable work system. We are continuously improving the work environment that has the priorities of direction and execution rather than speed and worries. We aim to create a work environment where autonomy and responsibility co-exist in mutual trust and consultation.

Seat Environment

근무 문화

삶 속에서 일이 있고, 집중과 효율을 중시하는 문화

기본 제도

주 40시간의 유연근로제를 적용하고, 재택과의 하이브리드 근무 제도 기본

동료 크루

HCI, UX 분야 석박사, 컨설팅펌, 스타트업 투자자 출신 동료들로 구성된 팀

업무 공간

성수동 핫플레이스에 위치한 공개형 오피스

장비 지원

최신 장비 지원: 아이맥 CTO, 맥북프로 CTO, 삼성 UHD 32인치 모니터 등

Support For Work

간식 코너

커피, 스낵 등 각종 간식 지원

명절 기념

설날/추석 명절 상여 지원

성장 비용

성장비(교육, 세미나, 도서 등) 전액 지원

점심 식대

성수동 맛집 투어가 가능한 가격 제한 없는 점심

탄생 축하

생일축하선물 및 유급휴가 지원

희노 애락

경조금, 경조휴가 등 각종 경조사 지원

Lab's Life